Monday, February 6, 2017

Listen: Bayonne - "Fallss"

My introduction to multi-instrumentalist Roger Sellers aka Bayonne was in the form of his intense "Appeals" video. I was hooked immediately and found his full length album Primitives, the first of Sellers under his Bayonne moniker, to be an utter delight. Now Sellers is releasing a new single "Fallss" ahead of European Winter tour and a Spring North American tour with Minus the Bear. Originally commissioned by New Belgium Brewing for release with their new Citradelic beer early last year, Sellers has returned to the track and paired it with beautiful artwork from Andrea Dyes.

Considering the ecstatic live energy of Bayonne, "Fallss" is a bit of a surprise. An introspective set piece that pairs down Sellers' intensity and delves into pure feeling. That said, it still features Sellers meticulous loops and live drums but rather than relying on that it's also a showcase for Sellers songwriting chops. In songs like "Appeals" or even "Spectrolite", the vocals are another timbre for Sellers to add or subtract to his intricately built layers. The vocals give the song its initial direction but the brunt of the journey often lies in Sellers musical choices. "Fallss" however sees focus on his songwriting and let's it do the leadwork. It's a noted shift in the way things are done that demonstrated Sellers growing confidence in his songwriting capabilities. Considering Sellers has largely spent his musical growth refining his minimalist loop based pop, it's a good shift that builds layers to his already engaging songcraft.

Listen to Bayonne's tender new single "Fallss":

You can check out dates for Bayonne's upcoming Winter/Spring tour dates here.

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