Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Listen: Operator Music Band - "Creative Tube Bending"

My introduction to Brooklyn art rockers Operator Music Band is essentially the direct result of being invited to a party. Caleb from Lands & Peoples' new band Wae was playing a show and despite neither listening to their music ahead of time nor knowing any of the other bands I found myself down in a basement in Brooklyn watching a whole bunch of new music. Though each band was good and incredibly different in sound and appeal Operator Music Band stuck out due to their ability to make me dance. "Warned" ahead of time that their sound was rooted in/inspired by kraut rock I was incredibly delighted to find it so danceable. Though not necessarily a sentiment shared by the majority of the night's party goers as few others actually danced.

But if you take a listen to "Creative Tub Bending" there's no denying a certain toe-tapping appeal outside of the motorik beat. Though drawing influence from kraut rock it's not the band's only source and it's part of what makes the band interesting as they sit at the intersection of various influences and channel them through their own experiences and ideas.

Despite it's various moving parts, "Creative Tube Bending" proceeds with a simplicity and ease that belies both it's composition and subject matter. About singer Jared Hiller's experience with a benign brain tumor, the band keep things groovy and light enough that you never really suspect it's about anything all that serious. And that's where Operator Music Band lie too good to be disregarded and not taking themselves too seriously to be off-putting.

Operator Music Band's debut album Puzzlephonics I & II is out March 3rd on New Professor Music.

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