Monday, February 6, 2017

Listen: Gilligan Moss - "Mirror Mantra"

Essentially just appearing in 2013 with one of the best dance tracks in "Choreograph" I've been a huge fan of Gilligan Moss to the point when they were slated to hit CMJ 2015 I attended almost every single set. Since the release of their Ceremonial EP that same year, Gilligan Moss have mostly kept to themselves working on a follow up occasionally sending out remixes like carrier pigeons to send news that they'll still at work. While it still remains to be seen when that follow up will make it's way into the world, the duo have a new track "Mirror Mantra" released as part of FoF Music's Up Too Early compilation.

Inspired by and written during mornings in upstate NY (where I'm assuming the now NYC based duo were on a writing retreat), it's a considerably chiller affair. Gilligan Moss' music has never felt particular overstuffed with beats, samples, and effects but "Mirror Mantra" feels far more open, more expansive and free than any of the cuts off Ceremonial. Their touch is light, hazy vocals filtering in like the rising sun through the bedside window. The most impressive feat is how the duo are able to balance that lightness in composition, brightness in feel, and the sort of questing nature of the piano melodies with beats that still manage to be dance-friendly. It's not an out and out floorfiller but there's an unescapeable toe-tapping quality that follows the song from beginning to end. Gilligan Moss have an ineffable knack for producing vibrant texture dance jams and even the mellower "Mirror Mantra" adheres to that: shifting to sepia from technicolor. Whether it's a one-off experiment or indicative of what's to come it demonstrates the duo are capable of a versatility that's bound to serve them well in the future.

Listen to Gilligan Moss' "Mirror Manta":

Gilligan Moss will be embarking on a tour with The Knocks. Check show dates and plan your next dance party here.

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