Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Listen: Frankie Broyles - "Seward Park"

photo by Michael Calyer
Since the end of his band Balkans back in 2012, Atlanta guitarist Frankie Broyles has kept himself busy: a solo 7", becoming a member of Deerhunter, reuniting with Balkans earlier this year. And now with new track "Seward Park", Broyles has announced his debut solo EP Slow Return out later this month on Skeleton Realm.

Much like "Capturer" "Seward Park" retains the garage-y jangle that characterized much of Broyles' earlier output with Balkans but with noticeably softer edges. Where "Capturer" sprawled ever outward slowly amassing an assortment of various sounds and effects, "Seward Park" is considerably more straight shooting. Broyles music has never particularly fallen into the harsher side of garage rock but on "Seward Park" there's a reliance on melody and brevity that's more typical of pop than Broyles has ventured towards in his past efforts. Broyles' production has also leveled up as "Seward Park" glides forward with an even-keeled smoothness that was somewhat lacking on "Capturer"/"Color Set". It all bodes very well for Slow Return which will no doubt feature similarly svelte jangle pop.  Thankfully the wait is rather brief as the EP streets in just two weeks.

Frankie Broyles debut solo EP Slow Return is out May 15th on Atlanta's Skeleton Realm. You can pre-order it on CD here.

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