Monday, May 8, 2017

Listen: Will Stratton - "Manzanita"

photo by Josh Goleman
While he hasn't exactly remained quiet since the release of his previous, very underrated album Gray Lodge Wisdom in 2014, singer/songwriter Will Stratton hasn't officially released anything since. A couple outtakes and demos yes that were only available to listen to/download for an incredibly limited period of time. But Stratton's been hard at work on his follow up and in little less than a week that batch of songs will be out entitled Rosewood Almanac will be out on Bella Union.

"Manzanita" is the second single from Rosewood Almanac and unlike previous single "Some Ride", it eschews the sparse arrangement in favor of a much more upbeat, full band sound. "Manzanita" is wonderfully life-affirming, a celebration of continued existence and the joy gleaned from little life moments. Though Stratton's six albums into his career, "Manzanita" still manages to be delightfully refreshing, pleasurably simple even as it gathers steam and becomes more intricate in its arrangement. "Manzanita" is absolutely resplendent, gliding along effortlessly as each new voice - backing vocals, piano, strings, saxophone all add exponentially to the track's feeling of jubilation. It's sure to be an album standout on an album full of absolutely winsome moments.

Will Stratton's upcoming album Rosewood Almanac is out May 12th on Bella Union. You can order the album here or digital here.

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