Monday, May 8, 2017

Listen: Hundred Waters - "Particle"

It's hard to believe it's been three years since the last album from experimental pop outfit Hundred Waters but the trio have had their hands in a number of exciting adventures since sophomore record The Moon Rang Like a Bell. The most intensive of which was the creation of the own music festival FORM held out in Arcosanti, Arizona. The festival enters its fourth year this year and the band has been for the most part elected to debut new songs during their sets there. Last year not only did they do that - playing an entire set of new material they were workshoping but they also sated fans eager for more with the intensely collaborative "Show Me Love" remix. The project was helmed by Skrillex but featured a number of FORM alum/friends of the band and also Chance the Rapper.

Now, however the band seems ready to dispatch a brand new set of tunes into the ether and new single "Particle" is our first taste of what to expect. Where Hundred Waters have essentially spent their past two albums evading easy genre labels, "Particle" is perhaps the easily classifiable track to come from the band offering up Purity Ring recalling electro pop. Despite the band diving deeper into the digital element, Nicole Miglis continues to shine as a beacon of Hundred Waters' sincere human element even when it is occasionally delivered through effects. Miglis' vocals are more versatile than ever - holding their ground and pushing fearlessly forward amid synth sweeps and epic drops. "Particle" is Hundred Waters are their most accessible, a surefooted EDM banger that still manages to retain Hundred Waters most characteristic strength: the effortless blend of the natural and the electronic.

Hundred Waters' upcoming album will be out later this year. Until then listen to "Particle" also available for free download.

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