Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Listen: Golden Suits - "Bad Timing"

photo by Sammy Goldfien
Though he released his follow up record to his self titled debut late last year, Golden Suits is back already with a new jam. "Bad Timing" is a jam in every sense of the word: following in his newfound Springsteen-esque sense of grandeur displayed on Kubla Khan. Despite the big licks and the aim-for-the-cheap-seats matter of size, Nicolaus' lyricism remains its equally relatable and intimate brand of strangely upbeat heartbreak pop. As he ponders what constitutes a missed connection: whether simply bad timing or something more self-defeating, Nicolaus paints a captivating picture of self-doubt and self-reflection that doesn't quite arrive at tidy self-actualization. It's aware but awareness doesn't always get you the girl. Or that's at least what Nicolaus offers up as the track gathers up steam and sort of snowballs into a delightful full band affair featuring back up singers and the like. It's not uncharted territory for Nicolaus but it's a definite show of strength for a man normally known for balladry.

Listen to Golden Suits' new single "Bad Timing" now:

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