Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Listen: PRO TEENS - "Signals Crossed"

photo by Ash Ponders
I am dubious of most if not all unsolicited music recommendations I get but when fellow Arizonan and recent favorite music discovery AlhhlA suggested that I go see Phoenix quintet PRO TEENS during their recent stop in Brooklyn, I took him up on the offer. What I experienced was a great set of would-be opposites juxtaposed and intermingling pretty effortlessly. PRO TEENS were simultaneously high energy but their songs had much of the feel of lazy day sprawled out in the grass or on a pool float on a not too hot sunny day. Part of that lies in Andy Phipps' sleepy vocals drawn out like a good stretch. They're not always that way but they certainly are on "Signals Crossed", the second single from PRO TEENS' upcoming EP Philistines. The track is breezy and calm, its guitars, keys, and even its drums following suit as they all blend harmonically. That said, the track isn't without dynamics or an interesting development: there's a synthy buzz that foreshadows the song's eventual cacophony. But even amidst the rising energy and added layers, there's still a sense of ease to the rollicking climax; a pervasive pleasantness that wins out over the push towards entropy. 

PRO TEENS upcoming EP Philistines is out November 3rd on Broken Circles. You can pre-order the album on cassette or digitally through the band's Bandcamp.

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