Monday, January 10, 2011

Adele releases official video for "Rolling in the Deep"

What do a hundreds of glasses of water, burning model buildings, tons of broken dishes, and a contemporary dancing ninja woman have to do with Adele? Well they're all featured in the official video for "Rolling in The Deep". Released last month, the official video trades the playfulness of the compiled studio footage video for a more somber set of seemingly unrelated scenes that connected convey the steamy grit of Adele's vengeful single. The hundreds of glasses rattle and shake with each foreboding pound of the drums, the dancing warrior woman getting more frantic as Adele denounces her lover in the chorus, and the model buildings catching flames as Adele acknowledges the wreck of a her relationship. It's artfully done and really entertaining to watch. Enjoy the video for "Rolling in the Deep":

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