Friday, January 14, 2011

S, Carey gets music video for "In the Dirt"

Wow what timing. Yesterday, I talked about how incredible S. Carey's album was and today, S. Carey released his first official music video. Crafted by two Swedish filmmaker brothers, Nils and Axel Byrfors, during the Christmas season; the video was actually purely a bonding experience for the two brothers who live on two different continents. After making the video, the brother then emailed it to Carey's manager who showed it to him. Well, Mr. Carey loved it and decided to make it the official video for the song. The video revolves around a little girl leaving home in the middle of the might, only to be tailed by her little brother. They end up having all sorts of adventures in the snow way into the morning time when they suddenly seem to realize the consequences of their actions and wait for their parents to pick them up. Enjoy the video for "In the Dirt":

"In The Dirt" - Official Music Video from S. Carey on Vimeo.

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