Monday, January 31, 2011

Pitstop: Matt Pond PA

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I had heard of Matt Pond PA mentioned numerous times throughout 2010. And for some reason never checked it out. What actually prompted me to give it a listen was seeing the name on the calender for a local concert venue. The venue normally caters to hardcore, screamo, and the various varieties of punk music so I was surprised when I saw Matt Pond PA on the calender. On every instance I had seen or heard his name, a genre was never attached. One Google search landed me on his MySpace page. Turns out Matt Pond PA is the name of the NY-based Philadelphia-born full band that accompanies singer/songwriter Matt Pond. His music evokes sunny warm Spring days regardless of what time of year it actually is. Unlike most full band's centered around a songwriter, every part is given its chance to soar and make its presence known. Sure, the instrumentals mostly compliment Matt Pond's vocals but they're not so out of focus that you can't recognize the talent there.

Get a taste of Matt Pond PA with the video for "Starting" from last year's release The Dark Leaves. And if you like the band's sound make sure you catch them on their tour beginning February 25. You can view the dates here.

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