Monday, January 31, 2011

Pitstop: Crystal Fighters

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Crystal Fighters might very well be the most unique band I've ever heard. The London-based Spanish invoking quintet combines Basque folk instruments with synthesizers to create folk-tronic dance-pop. It's a mash-up of so many genres it' almost hard to believe but Crystal Fighters does it very well. Whether the vocals are chanted, sung, or spoken, their melodies are as undeniable as the beats they create. Normally one who avoids club music there's something intriguing about them that compels you to listen. It's no wonder the group has played numerous musical festivals.

I'm not exactly sure what made Crystal Fighters request to follow me on Twitter (leading me to discover them) but I'm glad they did. Their music is refreshing in its newness and charming in its delivery. The band released their debut album Star of Love in October, you can listen to the full album stream here.

Get a peek at their distinct sound with "Plage":
Plage by Crystal Fighters

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