Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes (2011)

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Lykke Li hinted at a darker, edgier sound with the initial release of "Get Some", and the rest of her sophomore album Wounded Rhymes does not disappoint. The new album isn't just packed with dance-y pop tracks but throws in the occasional ballad ("Love Out of Lust") and even 60s doo-wop inspiration ("Unrequited Love", "Sadness is a Blessing"). As you listen, one thing remains clear: Lykke Li's new album is an album where she remains fully in control. Her lovelorn claims aren't insincere, rather it becomes apparent that she will love on her terms or not at all.

With Wounded Rhymes, Lykke Li makes it abundantly clear she's no pushover and come a long way from the cutesy crooning of "Dance, Dance, Dance". She's no longer too shy to speak her feelings but has harnessed the power of both her voice and her sexuality. Though there are some similarities between her first and second album in terms of format. At no point does her album become stale, instead when you think you know what to expect: she changes it up in a way that's boldly different and doesn't sound like it belongs on another album.

You can currently listen to the new album stream in full on Soundcloud and pre-order the new album at her website here. Wounded Rhymes hits shelves March 1st on her own LL Recordings.

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