Monday, February 7, 2011

New Porngraphers stack new video for "Moves"

In their video for "Moves", The New Pornographers enlist a star-studded cast to play themselves. The video takes the form of a movie preview, proceeded by a buddy comedy preview called Expectant Dads where Paul Rudd and Bill Hader who seven months pregnant decide to seek out their baby daddies, that glamorizes the band's rise in the aptly named The Rise and Rise of The New Pornographers. In the video, the band makes fun of itself as "Carl Newman" (played by Superchunk's Jon Wurster) puts up a band needed sign asking for: a female singer (Julie Klausner as Neko Case), a guitarist (Kevin Coorigan as Dan Bejar), a bassist (Horatio Sanz as John Collins), keyboardist (Wyatt Cenac as Blaine Thurier), another guitarist, and another female singer? (Ted Leo as Kathryn Calder). The band meets with success in Canada, enters America to some Anti-Canadian hostility, get rich and famous, do some hard drugs, and makes their comeback with "Moves Pt. 2". The video/movie preview's got romance, action, and most importantly the New Pornographer's "Moves" accompanying it.

Other cameos include comedian Todd Barry as the band's merch guy, Donald Glover, John Oliver, and John Hodgman (the PC guy) as their label rep, in addition to nearly countless others. Enjoy New Pornographer's "Moves":

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