Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pitstop: ARMS

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Beginning originally as a solo project for Todd Goldenstein when not playing with his band (the now defunct Harlem Shakes), ARMS has since expanded into a quartet and much more than a bedroom side project. Releasing their first EP as a foursome early last year, the simply titled ARMS EP, the band has also been part of a month long residency at Pianos in NYC. That's pretty impressive for such a young band but when you listen to their music it's not hard to see why. EP's tracks are all dreamy, expansive, mysterious, and richly captivating. Their masterful use of space makes their songs infinitely more arresting than any sort of instrumental clamor. Goldstein weaves deeply engaging tales while the band potters around him helpfully. The band works well together and their individual talents helps to the make up an energized, enriching whole.

While the 5 track ARMS EP is the only representation of the band's sound, thankfully the band is working on an album tentatively titled Summer Skills for release later this year. There's also past ARMS releases featuring Todd Goldenstein's solo musical input. You can download the EP at ARMS' website here.

Get a tastes of ARMS with a live video for "Emily Sue Pt. 2":

Emily Sue Pt. 2 - ARMS (TWHP Live Session) from The Wild Honey Pie on Vimeo.

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