Thursday, February 17, 2011

Maps & Atlases release second single "Living Decorations"

Chicago technical pop rockers Maps & Atlases are back, this time with a brand new video for "Living Decorations", the second single off their debut album Perch Patchwork. The video, directed by the band's own Erin Elders, features the fictional Rick Reebok & The Analog Medallion (played by members of Loose Dudes and Gypsyblood) as a pretty grody band whose only redeeming trait seems to be that they're playing Maps & Atlases' song. Reebok for all his bad dancing and pop star behavior actually scores points when he acknowledges a fan during a concert(played by M&A's Dave Davison) and signs a poster for him. Enjoy the video for "Living Decorations":

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