Friday, September 16, 2011

Caveman - CoCo Beware (2011)

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It’s pretty much a given now that anything ARMS-related, I will check out. So when We Listen For You sent out that fateful tweet a week ago that mentioned ARMS and New York City quintet Caveman’s new albums, I was all aboard.

Caveman’s debut album CoCo Beware was among the multitude of album released this past Tuesday (9/13) but it shouldn’t be buried underneath the pile of other records. While most of the other records had tons of songs that were hit or miss, Caveman’s debut is full of psych-pop gems from beginning to end. Though some of the songs are short, they go exactly where they need to go in their short duration, establishing easy breezy melodies filled with dreamy synths and primal, ever-present drums. Yet despite its psychedelic leanings, it’s an album that’s as richly engaging as the various sounds it is filled with like hazy, instrumental track “Vampirer”. Not to mention there’s one of my favorite album effects: The lead in. In a time where the concept of an album is spotty at best, two tracks linked together by a cool effect or melody that leads from one to the other will always be a good decision in my book.

CoCo Beware is an album where there’s rarely a slowdown. From the moment you hit play, it speeds along, albeit at its’ own easy-going but never boring leisure. Caveman is like a drum circle in band form. However, instead of dragging along like jam bands are apt to do, they keep things simple, precise, lucid; but also loose – allowing you to get lost in their otherworldly haze and locked in vocal harmonies. A definite must listen, must buy, and must repeat.

Give Caveman a listen with this live video of "Great Life" for Yours Truly SF featuring an actual drum circle (composed of ARMS drummer Tlacael Esparza and Hospitality bassist Brian Betancourt, to name a few):

Caveman "Great Life" is from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

CoCo Beware is also streaming on Spinner, listen here.

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