Monday, September 5, 2011

Laura Marling debuts new song on WNYC

With a new album just on the horizon, Laura Marling still shows no signs of stopping. Around the same time her album stream appeared on the NY Times website, another live set appear on WNYC. Her third set for WNYC, it also marks the appearance of a brand new song.

The new song, still untitled, proves that Marling isn't done mining tales of good women doing bad things. She could probably create a whole other album on the subject. But where Marling's women have admitted their shortcoming and feelings of guilt before, the figure in her new song seems to be completely besides herself on how to be good, resigning herself to the advice and prayers of her lover.

It's the most fragile, Marling's allowed herself to be. And all the more better because of it. Enjoy the new untilted track from the prodigious Marling:

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