Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pitstop: Little Tybee

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What could be gleaned from my love of Typhoon, Oryx and Crake, and Lost in the Trees (among numerous others) is that there's a very special place in my heart for the folk orchestra. There's a certain untouched majesty and epic grandeur that comes with having a large cast of musicians all working to create music that is not only performed well and arranged spectacularly but also wonderfully accessible without losing any of that masterful touch. Atlanta, Georgia's Little Tybee is another one these bands.

What separates Little Tybee and it's fluctuating group of members apart from the multitude of other bands that are essentially doing the same thing is that they aren't. Their phrases flexible, the arrangements handled with marked equality; and Brock Scott's vocals, with its folksy lilt, form the basis for what is Little Tybee. But their spark of individuality is gained from how they handle their songwriting. The Nirvana Kelly's violin isn't just relegated to delicate flourishes but soulfully accompanies Scott and his acoustic guitar. The bass and drums much more than mere beat keepers, getting their own opportunities to shine. Each member of the band gets a important and noticeable place to show their talent, but it's handed with such subtlety and modesty, that you can't help but smile.

Get to know Little Tybee with the live video for "History":

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