Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Listen: Johnny Flynn - "Raising The Dead"

While it's been a couple years since English singer/songwriter Johnny Flynn has released music, he's certainly kept himself busy since the release of his third full length album Country Mile back in 2013. As Flynn is wont to do, he's spent the time between albums acting both on stage and screen. But with his main project the Netflix series Lovesick wrapped for the time being he's decided to share the first track from his forthcoming forth full length Sillion out this Spring.

"Raising the Dead" Flynn continues with the less is more approach he took on for much of Country Mile. Flynn's band The Sussex Wit are all accounted for but they err on the side of restraint. While Flynn's explored American folk music on past albums and even took influence from South American folk on Country Mile's Fol-de-Rol, "Raising The Dead" finds Flynn once again channeling more traditional British folk much like he did for "Flowers In My Garden" from his A Bag Of Hammers soundtrack. The idea is fitting considering the song came about from Flynn noticing all the ways his new baby daughter reminds him of his own deceased father. Flynn's still in rare form structuring the song's winsome narrative around an incredibly infectious refrain.

Johnny Flynn's fourth full length album Sillion is out March 24th on Transgressive Records. You can pre-order the album as well as check dates for his upcoming UK tour here.

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