Friday, January 27, 2017

Watch: Makeness & Adult Jazz - "Other Life"

I was introduced to electronic project Makeness through fellow UK band Adult Jazz. First merely because Adult Jazz mentioned Makeness as a sort of related project worth checking out on their blog and then when due to their collaboration together. Makeness' Kyle Wolleson makes dance music very much from an instrumentalist's perspective. Unsurprising considering his background as a member of several bands before embarking on this project. Former flatmate and bandmate with Adult Jazz's Harry Burgess, the collaboration essentially finds a wonderful middle ground between the two projects - Burgess offering live vocals to Wolleson's normal sample based vocals and Makeness pushing Burgess towards making a much more straightforward pop song than he's otherwise known for. It's a collaboration that pulls the best out of each artist and the video based on an idea from mutual friend/collaborator Sam Travis and directed by Burgess and Nicholas Pomeroy is another testament to the pair's friendship and connections: able to flush out Travis' idea into a music video that let's them have fun without distracting from the greatness of the track. The band consisting of 2/3rds of the Makeness live band and Burgess essentially infiltrating the introspective moments of various characters with their infectious pop tune and dancing to varying degrees of consternation from the characters.

Watch the video for Makeness & Adult Jazz' collaboration "Other Life":

The single is available on 12" vinyl on Meno Records. You can order it here.

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