Thursday, March 9, 2017

All Around Sound Is Turning Seven! - Day 3: Wild Ones

Much like previous contributors Genders who's mix went up earlier this week, Portland's Wild Ones were a discovery I made through fellow Portland friends Typhoon. In fact both Wild Ones and Genders' former band Youth went on a west coast BFF tour together and that's essentially how both bands came to my attention. I even emailed them for info at the time since at the time they didn't have a bio. Wild Ones, similar to Genders have undergone a number of changes since I happened upon them but one thing has remained the same: they're still making sweet synth pop jams helmed by their amazing frontwoman Danielle Sullivan. Their debut full length Keep It Safe was an instant favorite, "Show Me Islands" from their Heatwave EP was our song of the summer for two consecutive summers, and their upcoming sophomore record is one we're eagerly awaiting.

Considering how thoroughly invested we are in their new record, it seemed pretty logical to ask what they were even listening to. The result was a mix from Danielle that in her own words is "is pall over the damn place". It's an eclectic mix in the best way pairing Danielle's love of pop (both mainstream and of the indie variety) with innovative songwriters and even a little world music. Enjoy!

Thanks to Danielle for sending us this rad mix and here's hoping it's not too long before their sophomore record is ready to release and subsequent tour. If you haven't seen Wild Ones live yet, I highly recommend rectifying that.

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