Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Lost Cavalry - Snow City Radio EP (2011)

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After months of anticipation-gathering updates and the release of two of the tracks, British quintet The Lost Cavalry are ready for their release of their brand new Snow City Radio EP. The four song follow up to last year's Waves Freeze to Rolling Hills EP takes the otherworldly tales and on-point song composition to a whole new level. Whereas Waves features yawny swells and a pervasive contemplative air, Snow City Radio adds some much beneficial variety. Sure, Mark West's talent for creating sprawling pieces of lyrical story-telling is still there but it's imbued with a brand new heretofore un-experienced energy that propels each song forward into the next culminating with the enrichingly collaborative "The Flood", slowly building into this cathartic moment of absolute release.

Snow City Radio proves that the brilliance of Waves Freeze to Rolling Hills wasn't just some marvelous fluke (not that anyone thought that) but just the warm up for Mark West's rather impressive set of songwriting chops.

The Lost Cavalry's Snow City Radio EP is out November 21st but you can preview all four songs on the Bandcamp:

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