Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fanfarlo release new track "Deconstruction"

Right before the release of "Replicate", British chamber pop quintet Fanfarlo outright stated that they're upcoming album was going to be much different than their debut Reservoir. And then we were treated to "Replicate" and its video which was dark, minimalistic, and trades in their sweeping folk stylings for something a bit more controlled and methodical.

With their latest release "Deconstruction", we are given something a bit warmer. It's not Reservoir era Fanfarlo but bridges the gap between the debut and "Replicate" a bit better. Electronics make their way into the fray amid bouncy guitar riffs and delightful violin and horn flourishes. There's even some sampling to be found. Much like it's title, the song slowly builds parts until it unravels leaving the listener with a fading piano line and a feeling of downright joy.

Hear "Deconstruction" here:

(via NPR)

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