Monday, October 31, 2011

New tracks from Lands & Peoples

When I was first introduced to Baltimore's Lands & Peoples, they had just made the impressive leap from quartet to two-some and were figured out how to function. In the months since then, the duo have since developed a rather impressive live show where the two weave massive amounts of electronic know-how with intertwining vocal harmonies and busy instrumental parts. The result is a musical style that in blending various genres creates something transcendental.

Lands & Peoples Microshow recording provides a notable progression from their Live at the Metro Gallery debut; several of their old songs are polished and all the more better for it. "Untitled #2" becomes "Memo", and the vocals in general improve tenfold. There's also some new songs that are pretty great too. If Lands & Peoples can improve so much in about a couple months, there's no guessing how great they'll be in a year or two. Here's hoping there's much more on the horizon for the enterprising young band.

Get a taste of Lands & Peoples new updated sound with new track "Ghosts" and "Frozen"
Lands & Peoples - Ghosts by All Around Sound Blog

Lands & Peoples - Frozen by All Around Sound Blog

You can download the Microshow here.

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