Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pitstop: Secret Mountains

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(Photo by Valerie Paulsgrove)

Baltimore six-piece Secret Mountains was one of the rare bands that I knew about before I saw them at CMJ due in part to their friendship with another Baltimore band: Lands & Peoples. However while I knew they existed I had never heard them listened to their music or heard them live before their set at Spike Hill. The theme for the day at Spike Hill appeared to be intense live energy and Secret Mountains certainly didn't disappoint. After seeing so many bands whose utilize them as their centerpiece, I have no idea how I'm still surprised by small girls with powerhouse vocals but when Kelly Laughlin opened her mouth my jaw dropped. Simultaneously soothing and heart-achingly beautiful.

Another great thing about Secret Mountains is their hard to define sound. It's music that stands up on its own merits not confined to any particular genre despite the fact that there's elements from many in their music. A sort of folk-infused psychedelic rock with elements of electronica that all mesh together to create this beautiful, captivating tangle with surprisingly angular hooks.

Get a taste of Secret Mountains with the video for "Rejoice" of their Rejoice EP:

Secret Mountains - Rejoice from john andrews on Vimeo.

If you like what you hear, make sure to pick up their music at their website here where you can also listen to more of their tunes.

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