Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pitstop: Conveyor

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Brooklyn quartet Conveyor is probably one of the only instances of meeting a band before having a chance to listen to their music I've had. Two of it's members happened to be outside during We Listen For You's CMJ Day Party and through appealing to my love of all things ARMS pretty much convinced me to check out their music when I got home.

There's isn't a whole lot available from the budding quartet and yet in just four short songs on their Sun Ray EP, I fell a little in love. Beginning with the hazy, melody-driven "Foreword", each song on Sun Ray invokes a different feeling or emotion. "Sun Ray" with it's bright, playful bounce is a delightfully pleasant pastoral ode to the wonders of nature. "Yes, Some Things Are So Heavy" proves the beneficial nature of imbuing your music with emotional cues - the repetitive lyrics brought to life by the swirling vocal harmonies and driving drums.

As is the case with the majority of my favorite music, what Conveyor do is kind of hard to explain in terms of genre. Occasionally noisy but extensively dreamy, Conveyor's music is defined in part by what's going on at that very moment like the electronic blips that form part of the framework of "Milkman". All in all, a distinctly infectious venture. Here's hoping we get to experience more of Conveyor.

Hear Conveyor's Sun Ray EP on Bandcamp:

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