Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Watch: Marissa Nadler - "In Your Lair, Bear"

Ever since I listened to the Marissa Nadler's self-titled fifth album earlier this month, I've essentially been waiting for this moment. Album opener and arguably my favorite Nadler track has finally gotten the video treatment it so rightly deserves. It kind of makes some sort of cosmic sense that the video for one of Nadler's most narrative of narratives doesn't really have a plot. Instead you're gifted with some intensely beautiful shots feauring the chanteuse herself. Marissa Nadler and director Alec K. Redfearn are a music video dream-team creating a brilliant work of art fueled by the subtle emotions that are the very essence of the track.


Marissa Nadler "In Your Lair, Bear" from Alec K. Redfearn on Vimeo.

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