Sunday, December 18, 2011

Daniel Hart - "How Can Love Be Wrong" video

Remember back in September when I posted about former St. Vincent musician Daniel Hart's solo record The Orientalist? No? Well violinist/multi-instrumentalist Daniel Hart released his solo debut earlier this year inspired by his adventures in India and the whole thing is just grand. But this post isn't about that. Well not directly anyway. Sometime since then Daniel Hart and actress/comedienne Charlyne Yi teamed up to make a music video for "How Can Love Be Wrong". The video might very well be the most epically adorable thing you've seen all year. There's a boy adventurer searching for his elephant, the aforementioned elephant made out of tons of material and operated by two people, and a dastardly moustachioed  villain. The plot is pretty straightforward: The boy is looking for his lost elephant who happens to have been elephant-napped by the dastard. They have a sword fight on the beach and peace is eventually restored. But color me impressed: the video features some stunningly brilliant cinematography and as simple as the plot is, it's cute and all kinds of awesome.

Enjoy the video for Daniel Hart's "How Can Love Be Wrong":

Daniel Hart - "How Can Love Be Wrong" from charlyne yi on Vimeo.

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