Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Little Tybee - "Boxcar Fair" video

Considering I discovered Georgia's Little Tybee and their new record Humorous to Bees months after its released, I was content to spend the rest of the year just being in love. It hadn't been nearly long enough for me to crave any new music from them. When I first got into Little Tybee I noticed they had a Kickstarter going on to fund a project of vocalist/guitarist Brock Kelly's called Boxcar Fair. The project was a puppet show and while the project was cool and I was very interested, a small part of me thought "How does this relate to the band, exactly?". Well I soon got my answer. One of the awesome things to come out of Boxcar Fair (besides you know, an super cool puppet show that I hope one day to see) was that Little Tybee wrote and play this little ditty. A track by the name of "Boxcar Fair" that soundtracks a pretty awesome video featuring the puppets and will apparently be on the band's new album. Exciting stuff, right?

Check out this spiffy new video for "Boxcar Fair":

Little Tybee - "Boxcar Fair" from Little Tybee on Vimeo.

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