Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gabriel Kahane - Where Are the Arms (2011)

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The first time I heard of Gabriel Kahane he was featured on New York chamber ensemble yMusic's debut album Beautiful Mechanical. While the work features compositions by St. Vincent, Son Lux, and My Brightest Diamond (under their real names), there's also a cast of actual composers which I had relegated Kahane to. Lo and behold I discover that Kahane is not only a professional composer but also writes pop songs. Kahane released his sophomore record Where Are the Arms on the 2011's best day for new music, September 13th. 

On Where are the Arms, Kahane essentially proves himself as both a composer and a songwriter- his songs are richly layered endeavors where the arrangements and words walk hand in hand. Kahane's songs are composed almost purely out of those breathtaking musical moments you want to listen to again and again.

Where the Arms might be a pop album but Kahane certainly provides an interesting take on it with instrumental flights of fancy that are guaranteed to make the already fantastic songs your favorite right when you might've been questioning just that. "Charming Disease", "Merritt Pkwy", and "Calabash & Catamaran" are surefire standout but each song is pretty exceptional. 

You can listen to Where are the Arms on Gabriel Kahane's bandcamp.

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