Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Real Estate - Days (2011)

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It took me a criminally long time to get into Real Estate, let alone listen to their latest album Days. Last year when I was still using to find new music, it suggested Real Estate and I listened to a couple tunes and for some reason never went back. Although it made enough of an impression for me to buy their debut self-titled album. And yesterday, a moment of late night clarity revealed that I had yet to listen to the new Real Estate.

Days is an instant rush of summer, plain and simple. With it's undulating jangly guitar riffs and beach imagery, that much is a given. And yet, Real Estate take what a bunch of bands have done in service to that surf rock vibe and make it their own. Real Estate are impressively precise considering their nature to slip into jam band-esque repetitive phrases that they somehow find a way to keep interesting. Real Estate are by rights and definition a soft rock band. Rarely do they get higher than a mezzo-forte but what they lack in decibels they more than account for in solid playing and lovely, sprawling melodies.

Days is a surefire winner filled with track after solid track that does what a good album should strive for. Each track leads more or less seamlessly into the other without any sort of jarring awareness or feeling out of place. So while it may have taken me a year to get into Real Estate, Days has made a true believer out of me. Let it do the same for you.

Get a taste of Real Estate with the video for "It's Real" off Days:

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