Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sean Rowe - "Horses"

It hasn't been that long since I've been introduced to singer/songwriter Sean Rowe. In fact the song that reminded me about him is one of his most recent. Next month Rowe will put out the follow up to his ANTI- debut Magic, The Salesman and the Shark and new track "Horses" certainly shows that Rowe's been up to a little something something. 

A sort of daring, ominous plodding is pretty much the defining sound of "Horses" a la a high speed chase or reminiscent of Spanish desperadoes. Percussion heavy with violin ornaments featuring Jenavieve Varga from Lost in the Trees, the track pulses with danger and intrigue as Rowe booming baritone occasionally turns to dramatic melismatic howls. "Horses" is the kind of track that makes your heart beat and blood pump a little faster when it plays, regardless of how many times you listen. It's energetic and features more of Rowe's brilliant narrative pacing. An exciting peak at what to expect from the new album. 

Sean Rowe's The Salesman and the Shark is out August 28th on ANTI-.

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