Friday, July 13, 2012

Watch: Jinja Safari - "Toothless Grin" + Like A Version Live Set

Last night (or earlier today if you happen to be an Australian), Australian folky world pop band Jinja Safari played Triple J's Like A Version an in addition to playing their latest single "Toothless Grin", they did the unexpected - they busted out a cover of R. Kelly's "Ignition". Let that sink in for a little bit. Jinja Safari with their collection of world folk instruments like a harmonium that co-frontman Pepa Knight picked up in Indian, bamboo flute, and sitar took on R.Kelly's "Ignition". It's pretty darn great. Check out the evidence down below.

Not too soon after, Jinja Safari also premiered the video for their aforementioned latest single. Instead of taking place among the beaches and the forests like their videos are apt to do, "Toothless Grin" takes things skyward as a wacky tale of doomed scientists, an astronaut sent to save them, a cloud guy, and a party on the moon unfolds. Watch the video for "Toothless Grin":

Watch Jinja Safari perform "Toothless Grin" and R. Kelly's "Ignition" for Triple J's Like A Version:

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