Monday, July 9, 2012

Watch: Kishi Bashi - "I Am The Antichrist To You"

It's not secret that violinist/looper extraordinaire Kishi Bashi takes a while to do things. The entrancing layers of his music do not just appear out of nowhere after all. And such attention to detail certainly does seem to carry over into other aspects of his life as well. After teasing its release for months, we then got the video for "Bright Whites" and looks like 151a's most hauntingly beautiful track "I am the Antichrist to You" (first track from the album I heard by the way) has received the video treatment as well.  The stop motion video was actually meant to house a song from K.'s old band Jupiter One that never really saw the light of day. The band broke up and so K. shelved the video only to bring it out and use "I Am the Antichrist to You" and while I haven't heard the Jupiter One song he planned on using, I'm fairly certain Kishi Bashi's own track is a much better fit.

Animator Anthony Scott details the story of a puppy and bunny from a magical world where everything is more or less sunshine and rainbows. Until their colorful world of imagination and wonder is threatened by the arrival of a gloomy and oppressive one of logic represented by numbers. Then things get dark. Really dark. There's a scuffle, tears are shed, and the songs climax occurs right at the most poignant of moment. It's text painting at its finest. Hard to imagine the video existing as anything else besides this wonderfully emotional pairing of plot and song.

The video also functions as a touching tribute to K.'s former tourmate with Regina Spektor, cellist Dan Cho
who drowned two years ago.

Watch the video for Kishi Bashi's "I Am the Antichrist to You":

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