Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Pass - "Without Warning"


The Pass is one of those bands that will forever be linked, in my memory at least, with We Listen For You. Perhaps because I first discovered them while attending We Listen For You's CMJ showcase or maybe because I then saw them again as the headliners of WLFY's Northside Festival showcase. One thing is clear though: Each time I saw them is pretty high up there with one of the most fun shows I've been to.

The Louisville foursome play the sort of music that everyone with even the slightest pop inklings should take note of. It's catchy, dance-inducing pop rock at its finest. They band are tight and their musical ideas are interesting. All in all, The Pass have certainly managed to earn their  place as one of my favorite live bands but with the release of their sophomore record Melt, they just might steal a slot in my favorite records of the year. At least judging from first single "Without Warning". 

"Without Warning" is a fun track that doesn't trade any musicianship to be so. There's a clarity of ideas that allows of easy consumption but it's by no means basic. It's an upbeat dance-pop jam where every part works toward making it one of catchiest, can't-put-down tracks in The Pass' catalog. If the rest of Melt is anything like "Without Warning" we should all be a little worried because it's all we'll be listening to. 

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