Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Listen: Genders - "Show Me"/"Oakland"

                                                     (photo by Shannon Wolf)
It's a rather exciting time for Portland foursome Genders. Since its three core members departed former band Youth last year, they've had a delightfully surprising amount of forward momentum; releasing an EP a few months ago, playing Treefort Music Festival, and following that shortly after with a two song 7". Yes, it's a pretty good time to be Genders.

On "Show Me", the first of the foursome's new tunes, the bright summery bounce of both "Golden State" and "Sugarcoat" as well as their Youth days (the June EP in particular) returns. It's a pretty sweet poppy confection that floats along on beach rock waves and traverses toned down psychedelic paths. Maggie Morris' vocals are cool and calm as she continues to come into her own as a consummate frontwoman; all charm and pleasant coo. Unlike the sunkissed beach pop of "Show Me", its b-side "Oakland" dwells in those more darkly textured and darker themed lands of "Twin Peaks". It doesn't contain the same level of intensity or urgency as "Twin Peaks" but "Oakland" carries a similar mysterious air, a polar opposite to the a-side but a rather excellent pairing.

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