Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Listen: Laura Marling - "Master Hunter"

British folk songtress Laura Marling's certainly come a rather long way, of that there can be no question. From the days of her folk pop "Ghosts", she's solidified herself as a beacon of poignant, poetic lyricism and righteously melodic songwriting. This second single "Master Hunter", off her upcoming fourth album Once I Was An Eagle, continues a trend of Marling's elevation in overall badassery with a rock n' roll ramble.

Where in "Where Can I Go?" Marling at least pondered her loneliness, in "Master Hunter" her "You want a woman who will call your name? It ain't me, babe" makes it's rather clear, she's completely fine being alone. It's a percussive heavy track that functions in stark contrast to the emotive "Where Can I Go?" with a steely delivery that assures you Marling is no one to mess with and rightfully so. 

Marling's Once I Was An Eagle is out May 28th on Ribbon Music. 

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