Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Listen/Watch: Young Man - "In A Sense" (Alternate Version)

When I interviewed Young Man's Colin Caulfield, he mentioned that many of the songs on their latest album Beyond Was All Around Me have gone through many incarnations before appearing the way they do on the record. Enter this acoustic version on "In A Sense" shot by Matt Liljegren which features a more lounge rock approach to the somber break up track. Framing a casually sprawled guitar-wielding Caulfield in the center frame, the video also features Caulfield adding the track's additional elements (synth and drum) in a sort of scrolling fashion.

It's a softer, more transparent version of the track which really helps to convey Caulfield's calm epiphanic lyrics. Smoother with a sort of bossa nova lilt thanks to the percussion, I kind of really hope there's plans for this version to make it's way out into the world.

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