Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Watch: ARMS - "Comfort" (Le Rascals Naked Session)

If you're anything like me, since the announcement that Brooklyn indie rockers ARMS were following up their brilliant sophomore record Summer Skills with an EP, you've been waiting with bated breath for a proper listen of what's to come. A listen that up until now has mostly only been available through ARMS' incendiary live sets. That's right, recently Todd Goldstein sat down with Le Rascals to played a give a very special acoustic rendition of new EP track "Comfort".

What makes the acoustic version so special is its rarity. Live, Goldstein is quite the showman completely shredding away on his guitar and in this more intimate session you can to see and hear just how complex the new track is with its nearly jaw-dropping flurry of riffs and counter melodies. Goldstein has maintained that he wanted to make the EP's songs less cerebral, less complex than Summer Skills but it's clear to see that even without the intricate layers and swirling textures that Summer Skills dwelled in that there's is absolutely nothing simple about this new track.

Not only is the instrumental work something to write home about but on "Comfort", Goldstein's lyricism remains as arresting as ever. Still adept at popsmithery without oversimplification, the track features some excellent lyrical moments delivering a 1-2 punch at just the right moments of swelling guitar and a poignantly crafted lyric that doesn't necessarily need to be all that highfalutin' to hit is mark. Whether it's the chorus of "I'm not the comfort you need" to the smaller, one-time lyrics they're all deeply affecting. Hard-hitting, heart-clenching, and occasionally smile-inducing, "Comfort" hints at an record worthy of great praise. Here's hoping it's out soon.

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