Friday, April 19, 2013

Listen: Daughn Gibson - "The Sound of Law"

Little known fact: When I reached out to Daughn Gibson to participate in last month's blog birthday playlist extravaganza he was waist deep in the recording of his new upcoming album. It was probably some of the most exciting news I'd heard and while I had resigned myself to months of no new music or tours from the man that makes this new track all the more exciting.

"The Sound of Law", the first peek at Gibson's follow up to last year's All Hell, shows just the right amount of progress with slick production it sounds remarkably different than the sample-laden All Hell. And yet, it continues with Gibson's rural tales in his same smooth crooning baritone. It's just the right blend of old and new to get you excited which thankfully isn't that far away. Gibson's Sub Pop debut Me Moan comes out July 9th. Just under three months and I'm certainly excited to get my hands on it.   Not only that, Gibson's following the release and a short European jaunt with a pretty extensive US tour.

That's a lot of good news. Celebrate properly with the new track "The Sound of Law":

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