Monday, November 11, 2013

Listen: Conveyor - "Pushups"

It's hard to imagine that the time has come for more new music from Brooklyn experimental pop rock quartet Conveyor. It seems like only yesterday their debut self-titled full length made it's way into the world and considering that Conveyor wrote/recorded many of the album's songs while setting out to record the album proper, it's more or a marvel that new material has sprung up quite so quickly. And yet here we are: Conveyor has a new single. "Pushups" combines the foursome's playful quirkness a rather noticeable fuzz like they wrapped the track in cellophane. Bits of distortion aside, there's Conveyor's trademark vibrant melodies - brightly burst despite some effort to obscure them. All the while, lyrically, the band probably couldn't be more tongue-in-cheek.

"Haven't seen you lately, have you noticed that I've been doing pushups?", is Masters' initial croon and it really only gets better from there. "Pushups" perfectly encapsulates that feeling of running into someone you haven't seen in some time and trying to convince them that you're doing awesome; albeit in this case through the use of a hilarious exercise conceit. I wouldn't expect anything less from Conveyor. "Pushups" is smile-inducing splendor mixed with sunny melodies that percolate the track's gritty electronic crunchiness. It harkens back to the rugged experimentation of Conveyor's Sun Ray EP without retreading those same poppy deviations.  Where they walked hand in hand previously, "Pushups" pits the experimental/electronic elements directly against the rock/pop elements, drawing in the listener far more deeply than if it had simply resorted to either of those elements. 

Conveyor stay true to their sort of classic rock 'n' roll edge by channeling the old school AM/FM radio fuzz and for their comedically self-conscious lyricism, still continue to offer up a bit off dazzling songcraft - you'll be humming "Pushups" for days. 

You can pre-order Conveyor's upcoming 7" featuring "Pushups" as well as another brand new track "Mammal Food" from Gold Robot Records out December 10th.  

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