Friday, November 15, 2013

Listen: Angel Olsen - "Forgiven/Forgotten"

Perhaps it's too soon too say but so far Angel Olsen has proven to one of the most consistent new singer/songwriters. From 2011's debut Strange Cacti, Olsen has managed to have a pretty dependable release schedule since then and 2014 sees her full length return with Burn Your Fire For No Witness.

Though Olsen managed to have her own Dylan Goes Electric moment on this year's "Sweet Dreams" single, "Forgiven/Forgotten", the first single from her forthcoming sophomore record, establishes that her amping up in "Sweet Dreams" wasn't just a quick saunter down rock 'n roll lane. It's oddly fitting that Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten are now labelmates considering "Forgiven/Forgotten" and Olsen's songs in general share a similar empowering sense of self-awareness and emotional surrender as Van Etten.

"I've wasted my time making my mind/I don't know anything/But I love you" Olsen coos amid a purring guitar and cleanly cacophonous drums. It's the definitive barb among a sea of soothing platitudes and unanswered questions. Always a unique vocalist, Olsen's voice carries effortless through the instrumental clamor; clear, resolute, strong, and articulate. Even if the rest of Burn Your Fire For No Witness is a full band affair, "Forgiven/Forgotten" is a ringing endorsement of just how inextinguishable Olsen's talents are.

Listen to "Forgiven/Forgotten", the first single from Angel Olsen's forthcoming sophomore full length Burn Your Fire For No Witness out February 18th on Jagjaguwar:

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