Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Listen: SoftSpot - "King Porus"

Earlier this month Brooklyn art rock trio SoftSpot previewed the follow up to their incredible debut record with "You/Yours". It was riveting little number that made extensive use of vocalist Sarah Kinlaw's ability to twist and contort her voice in dynamically interesting ways without relying solely on that. "King Porus", the lead track from upcoming sophomore effort MASS, essentially offers that Kinlaw's vocals will always be the enrapturing center while embarking on path not really explored on - that of the wall of sound. It's not the sort of thing SoftSpot lead with right out of the gate, of course. But where many of their debut's track, even the blistering "Slack Tide" and "Future Cult Icon" was managing to be wonderfully sparse despite the layered intricacy. "King Porus" departs from them by allowing an captivating amount of denseness at its apex. A colossal wave with Kinlaw's siren-esque vocals at its crest.

SoftSpot's sophomore full length MASS is out April 8th.

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