Thursday, August 25, 2011

ARMS reveals release date for Summer Skills

After what seems like ages and lots of hinting, Brooklyn quartet ARMS have finally announced the release date for their sci-fi/fantasy epic and concept album Summer Skills. Along with that we have album art and a tracklist. If you're not excited, get ready to be. One of my most anticipated album of the year, Summer Skills is stacked with great songs that combine intricate instrumentation with rich, intelligent lyricism with no lack of emotional content.

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- Emily Sue, Cont'd
- Fleeced
- Dog Days
- High Heels
- Heat & Hot Water
- Sore
- Three Mile Island
- Face-Gravity
- Glass Harmonica
- Curtains

With such a good album on the horizon, November 8th can't seem to get here quick enough. Until then, I'll continue to bond with their free 5 song EP.

In case you missed it, here's their first album trailer featuring "Fleeced":

ARMS: Summer Skills Trailer, Pt. 1 from ARMSvideos on Vimeo.

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