Monday, August 8, 2011

Watch: Laura Marling - "Sophia"

With how much I've been fiending for Laura Marling's upcoming album A Creature I Don't Know and anything related to it, I'm kind of surprised I didn't know about the new video for "Sophia". Sure it was posted earlier today but if not for Listen Before You Buy, I might've missed it. Maybe.

Replacing the old video where viewers watched the "Sophia" single album art drawn over and over, this time around we have Laura Marling keeping equally as simple. Beginning with Marling solo in a church (no doubt inspired by her upcoming cathedral tour in England) before panning back to reveal her band members far behind her. Marling then strides over to them, there's some nifty light tricks, and Marling snarls at the camera like a badass. Just when you thought Laura Marling couldn't get anymore awesome, this video comes around to prove that she can.

Share my awe and amazement with the video for "Sophia":

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