Monday, August 1, 2011

Pitstop: Hospitality

I never understand why some people don't go to concerts until the headliner's set. The openers (at least in my privileged opinion) are usually pretty good and that's extra true in this case. In probably the only instance where I didn't see the opener's whole set (getting lost in the wilds of a city will do that to you), I missed what was sure to be a rousing set by Brooklyn four-piece Hospitality at ARMS and North Highlands co-headlining show. How do I know this? Because the only two songs I got to hear were incredible. And so as soon as I was able, I sought out any information I could on. Turns out the main theme of that gig was that each band was sitting on new album so a lot of the music was brand spanking new and thus not available for continued consumption. What I did find was a 3 song self-titled EP (available on their Bandcamp). Which is kind of backwards. Going from the amped up, energetic live stage show to the more low-key tracks written and recorded several years ago. The songs are sparse yet with distinct melodies carried by Amber Papini's unique delicate vocals.

In my research I've seen Hospitality referenced many times as "pop music that doesn't take the easy way to a hook". And it's true, Hospitality takes the long and winding high road to exceptional songwriting. They're unpredictable yet catchy; good music that comes almost delightfully out of left field. Give "Eighth Ave" a listen to better see what I mean:

Hospitality @ Mercury Lounge 7.27.2011 from Jessica Amaya on Vimeo.

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