Thursday, August 11, 2011

Collections of Colonies of Bees - GIVING (2011)

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Earlier this month, Wisconsin rock sextet Collection of Colonies of Bees released their follow up to 2008's Birds, GIVING.

To start, GIVING is different than Birds in that it's track lengths are kept to a much more accessible minimum. While each track on Birds all clocked in somewhere near the 10 minute mark (If you were to round up), the new tracks are much shorter with the exception of end track "Vorms".

GIVING begins with sprightly, sun-on-your-face "Lawn" which practically bursts with smile-inducing glee a midst skipping guitar riffs and bouncy, virile drum rolls even as the ideas in "Lawn" merge, metamorphose, and gain an almost transcendental splendor. "Vorm", unlike it's predecessor, remains completely grounded due mostly to the almost relentless drum beat. And after establishing the ideas of the complimentary companion pieces, the sextet then turn it all on its head and turn "Lawns" harsh and abrasive and "Vorms" ethereal and positively resplendent.

It's obviously from first listen that Collections of Colonies of Bees suffer from no shortage of musical ideas and yet, their greatest strength is the seamless way they string them all together. While other bands offer up albums with a multitude of tracks, Collections of Colonies of Bees only need the four to both get their point across and also create a satisfying treat of an album. The sextet do in four rather strong yet short tracks what most band strive to do in their whole careers. With GIVING, Collections of Colonies of Bees channel their rock influences without equal. The six musician intertwine so well that you wouldn't know there were six of them unless someone told you. And yet, each member is an active part whether it's in the tinkering synths, the unassuming guitar lines, or the ever present drums.

You can listen to the whole album in full, thanks to the folks at Hometapes here:
Lawn by Hometapes

Vorm by Hometapes

Lawns by Hometapes

Vorms by Hometapes

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