Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Watch: Memoryhouse - "Quiet America"

Quiet America from memoryhouse on Vimeo.

With the re-release of the debut EP The Years imminent, dreamy nostalgia-instilling duo Memoryhouse have been somewhat busy promoting it. Two months ago they offered the first glimpse into the newly packaged release with new song "Modern, Normal" and today, they've shedding the light on another new track: "Quiet America". The track, like it's name suggests, is like the majority of Memoryhouse's music; intensely soft. But unlike their chillier tracks, Quiet America is filled with a sort of welcoming warmth that plenty inviting. And considering it's place as the final track of the new EP, it's uplifting melodies are filled with the promise of new music.

The newly updated The Years EP is out on September 13th on Sub Pop.

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