Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello MTN - Tour EP

While the circumstances that brought this to my attention are unfortunately (forest fire potentially consumed camping gear) I'm kind of selfishly glad. Currently, Portland duo Hello MTN are on tour and are toting around this four song EP with them but now out of necessity it's now available to all who are unable to see them on their little West Coast tour.

The Tour EP contains two songs which you might've heard before thanks to the duo's album previews "Suitcase Song" and "Palace Stairs" but also features a cover of a song by band friend singer/songwriter Ryan Vapes in addition to a brand new track that may be on the upcoming album.

Even though it's only four songs, I'm glad to be able to own something from Hello MTN, if only just to tide me over until their full-length is released. The three songs are dark and introspective yet never boring or depressing. Seasoned professionals (musicianly speaking), the duo achieve the right balance of sparse beauty and engaging musicianship. And ep closer "What's Next?" is the perfect end song. Both upbeat and also preparing the listener for more Hello MTN. So until the day the album arrives, this'll do.

You can buy the band's uber cheap EP here.

Listen to the EP:

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